The unavoidable

In Drôme

Palace of Sweets and Nougat in Montélimar

Fun, educational and interactive complex on 1,000m² dedicated to childhood and memories with Palais des Bonbons, the Nougat Factory, the House of Toys, the Provence of Pagnol en Santons, the N7 Era and the World of Dolls and Poupons , Free access shop.
Badaboum indoor games for 1 to 12 years old, outdoor mini-farm and exotic aviary playground, picnic area, restaurant await you.

The Tower of Crest

From the top of its 52 m, the highest keep in France invites you to relive 900 years of history: a medieval keep (12th-15th century), which later became Tower prison (15th-19th century). Not to be missed among others: original graffiti and a magnificent panorama. Crest, the highest dungeon in France!
In 1877, the keep was classified as an historic monument, as well as its graffiti. It is possible to abseil down the tower.

Fall of the Druise

The fall of the Druise, an impressive waterfall 72 meters high, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in the Vercors. Accessible by a path from the village of Ansage, it will offer you a little haven of freshness during the first heat.
The best time to discover this waterfall is spring.

The crocodile farm in Pierellatte

Come and discover the fascinating world of reptiles at the Crocodile Farm. Observe more than 600 animals (crocodiles, pythons, iguanas, turtles, birds, fish) in a tropical greenhouse, classified as a botanical garden, with more than 600 different species.
In total immersion in the heart of lush biodiversity, the Crocodile Farm is the largest European animal park dedicated to the discovery of reptiles.

Postman Cheval Palace in Hauterive

April 1879, Ferdinand Cheval, rural postman, stumbles on a stone so bizarre that it awakens a dream.
For 33 years, he will build alone in his garden, a Palace inspired by nature, postcards and illustrated magazines.
Unique in the world, the Ideal Palace has inspired artists for more than a century.

In Ardèche

Vélorail in Boucieu le Roi

The Gorges du Doux vélorail follows two 12-kilometer routes on the historic Chemin de Fer du Vivarais line, built in 1891.
Carved into the mountainside with numerous structures (bridge, viaducts, tunnel), the line is the only way to discover the magnificent landscapes of the Gorges du Doux, a tributary of the Rhône in the north of the Ardèche.

Le Mastrou - Vivarais train

The Mastrou is the name that the train connecting Tournon to Lamastre has carried for more than 120 years!
The day trip begins with the discovery of the Gorges du Doux, then the train continues its ascent towards the Ardèche mountain and its chestnut groves to reach the small town of Lamastre at midday.

Still Museum

In the heart of the Rhône valley in Saint Désirat, the Still Museum of the JEAN GAUTHIER Distillery, relates the charm and history of a past that has disappeared, that of the itinerant distillers.
On 1400 m2 of exhibition, magnificent copper devices from the four corners of France. At the end of the visit, a free tasting of our products will be offered.
Christmas from December to January, come and visit a magical world for young and old. Free entry

The Pont d'Arc cave - Chauvet cave

The Pont-d'Arc cave is a replica of the Chauvet cave. Its construction began in October 2012 and it was opened to the public in 2015.
The Chauvet Cave has been available since April 25, 2015 in its facsimile of the Pont-d'Arc Cavern.
The cavity was discovered on December 18, 1994 by Jean-Marie Chauvet, Éliette Brunel, and Christian Hillaire. Twenty years later, it has just been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its ornaments, which are among the oldest and best preserved in the world:nearly 1,000 parietal representations over nearly 400 meters, dating back 36,000 years (compared to the 18,000 years of the Lascaux cave).

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